Bouncers Security

Defenders India has experienced bouncers who have handled large crowds in different events across India. The events range from concerts and shows to other important public gatherings. An important framework has been implemented to verify the authenticity and validity of every bouncer hired by Defender India. Bouncers for every party are selected after they have a thorough understanding of the event to fulfil all our client requirements. about image

We ensure safety and promise decent, educated and well behaved bouncers for all our client requirements. Our Bouncer teams are specially trained for first aid emergencies and crisis management.They are presentable so as to ensure quality services at the same time provide strong security presence. We are very particular about the technological equipment chosen and used during our services that are crucial in assisting our clients. Our professional Bouncers hired for service make it their goal to maintain the safety and security and keep everything under control. So that, the guests can enjoy a relaxed event.

Our bouncers come with a highly trained background that has keeps them fully equipped with mental and physically challenging activities to ensure they understand hostile environments and crisis situations. We have worked hard to provide the finest quality Bouncers who are well experienced to work appropriately in any location in India.Experience and training helps the security supervisors deputed by Defenders India to analyze and address all requirements of organizing a safe and successful event.

Event Security

Defenders India provides customized well planned security solutions to meet client’s specific needs during corporate events, private entertainment programs, product launches, concerts, sports events and much more. Our security service mechanism depends on the size of the crowd, the venue opted and the amount of assets and is classified into external, internal and core security solutions.

This classification is done by focusing on the critical stage of meticulous advance planning which requires knowledge of the number of guards required for an event and their responsibilities. This plan is followed by successful implementation of the plans ensuring our clients have a successful event.