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Detective and Investigation Services

Our Top-Rated Detective and Investigation services function genuinely focussed with an aim to solve both our clients personal or Business related investigations.

about image Personal Investigation
As the saying goes, “innocent until proven guilty”. It stands true even now. Our highly committed and specially trained Detective teams work to fulfil our client requirements on all matters of their personal investigation. We deal with Post-Marital, Pre-Marital investigation, Surveillance, Searching out a Missing Person, Child Custody and Maintenance etc.

The Investigation is carried out with high regard to discretion taking in precautionary methods to not reveal our client’s intention. At the end of the investigation, we provide concrete facts in the form of Videos and pictures as proof to attest to the right reasons. We make sure we handle all our cases with the utmost care and use all the technological advancements to achieve solid proof that cannot be thwarted easily. Since it is a personal matter, we appoint only highly trained and professional detectives who are well experienced and aware of the outcomes. We make it a priority to keep all our client’s names and accounts as anonymous and discrete.

Business Investigation
Our investigation on business looks into the irregularities inside the company that could turn out to be the leading cause of the disruption, and the cause of the slow performance in the company.

We deal with investigations related to employee’s pre and post-employment status, Insurance claim, Record search and verification, Tracing individual and companies and undercover investigation. To deal with issues that arise in the corporate world, we constantly update our detectives on the methods of investigation and the necessary training is provided to be well-versed with all advanced technological standards. Our primary goal is to help our clients achieve a steady growth in their business and any hurdle in that pathway is identified by the help our detectives. They work passionately and provide solid proofs after a detailed research through undercover investigation and multiple background checks. In weeding out the fraud companies, and mitigating the errors in business, we achieve a positive outcome on the growth of our client’s business.