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Security Services (Monthly/ Daily Basis)

We provide our clients with security services that are specific to each of their requirements. We deal with both armed and unarmed guards for various locations and security seeking establishments. Our services are in Industrial and Residential building firms.

about image Industrial Guarding Security
The role of Industrial Security is important as it maintains a preventive measure over all incoming and outgoing goods, assets and other goods from the Industrial unit. Such Industry Security Guards need to be trained and should have requisite skills to maintain registers, understand basic company procedures and conduct their roles and responsibility in order.

The Industrial Security offered by Defenders India ensures integrated security which fulfils the preventive measure and provides updated information of movement of goods from the industrial factory.

Our verified Industrial Guards have a thorough understanding of the operating system used at the gate, examination of incoming goods, paperwork verification and method of reporting to update the information required. We also ensure that the guards also have security equipment training which helps in streamlining the work of the manufacturing unit.

Residential Building Guarding Security
We deploy highly trained and well qualified security guards for most major metropolitans in India, housing societies, villas and general apartment for your protection and general administration. Defenders India is very cautious and handles patrolling guards for night watch professionally and we provide our services all through the night at respective locations.

We constantly update our security services to provide one stop solution to all residential security needs. We provide the following:
1) Professional Residential Security Guard
2) Fire Alarm
3) Automated Control mechanisms
4) Security Guard Trained specifically for residential guarding

All our guards are trained for professionalism, courtesy, respect, and customer service. We supervise our guards regularly for providing quality service at all times.
Security is deemed necessary nowadays and it requires specialized services with customized training. Defenders India takes into account feedbacks of our clients and updates on the practices of security constantly.