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VIP/ Executive protection through PSO

We provide the Top-rated workforce that provides our clients with the best recruited professionals.about image These executives are trained in their individual field of service through varied processes. We ensure only experienced people are handed over to our clients for their specific roles.

It is deemed important that each of the individual who serve as PSO’s have to be trained for all specific roles as they are solely responsible for the safety and security of the VIP’s at Executive level. We undertake screening before hiring and after the completion of the training period thus what results is an expert level of security force.

We provide our services for Diplomats and Politicians, Celebrities, personal family protection, protection during transport and finally On-site Bodyguards. Our security personnel show respect and sincere dedication for their assigned job roles that guarantee the safety of all our clients. You can trust the security assigned as they work to provide protection 24/7, at every second.